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Salesforce Simulation

Business Case: A new workflow in Salesforce required daily one-on-one trainings conducted by a member of the Uniforms Management Team. This team had neither the bandwidth nor the training expertise to deliver these trainings effectively. We decided that a self-paced eLearning module would satisfy the needs of the Uniforms Management Team and the learner.

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 3, Microsoft Word

By using layers, variables and learner input, I was able to build a simulation that exactly replicates a user’s experience in Salesforce. Before entering the simulation, learners are guided through a few essential parts of the Uniforms Ordering website.

This is the first part of the simulation. Learners are directed to open a sample “packing slip” with all of the uniform information they need to complete the simulation. This sample file opens as a PDF and looks exactly the same as a real packing slip.

The first step requires the learner to select one of two radio buttons and type in the correct Employee ID.
When the correct radio button is selected, a green checkmark appears. This gives the learner positive feedback. Similarly, if the wrong radio button is selected a red “X” appears.
If the learner continues on after entering the wrong employee ID number an alert appears. In this case, the learner must return to the previous screen and fix the employee ID number.
This is what the learner will see if they enter the employee ID number correctly.
The next step in the simulation asks for the learner to enter the item SKU number. This will be found on the sample “packing slip”.
Using variables in Articulate, the text entered by the learner appears on the next slide.
The final step in the simulation involves the learner interacting with two drop down menus. I used hidden, clickable boxes and layers to mimic Salesforce dropdown menus.
Once the learner has selected the correct Stocking and Billing location, a green checkmark appears. A red “X” will appear until they have the correct locations selected.

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