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Welcome to Daly Learn

Empowering minds, anytime, anywhere

Daly Learn provides comprehensive eLearning development services for businesses and educational institutions alike. We specialize in instructional design and work with subject matter experts to develop engaging and effective online courses. Our team has a deep understanding of instructional design principles, learning management systems, eLearning technologies, and we can help you create custom eLearning solutions that meet your specific needs.


eLearning Development

Daly Learn provides expertise in Storyline 360, Rise, Camtasia and many other eLearning development tools.

Instructional Design

Meaningful online learning begins with solid instructional design. Daly Learn will analyze, design and build effective learning experiences using the most appropriate learning theories and models.


Experience in a wide variety of education technology makes Daly Learn specially equipped to advise in myriad of education projects.